itsNOTFORgirls Guide: Mens Summer Fashion – Get The Look

by Fashion Dude on June 13, 2011

mens summer fashion 2011

mens summer fashion 2011

Although it may not seem like it with the recent weather we have been receiving we are well into the summer of 2011. With this unpredictable weather comes an uncertainty, just what do we fill our wardrobe with this summer!! Some men can plan their their week, these men can also foresee the look they want the moment they hit the shops. It is however NOT like that for most guys, it is hard to picture what will go with what, remember what you already have and decide on the look you are going for. Well if you are this particular guy then not to worry, the itsNOTFORgirls team have decided to put three looks together for you right here in this post. You can leave here happy in the knowledge that you just got yourself a sick look from head to toe, just select each product from the options we give!!

Lets Begin With Footwear

If you begin with the footwear you will make life easier when deciding on tees and tops later on. Depending on the occasion you may want to go for either hightops, midtops or just flats. The beauty about the hightops is they can usually be altered in so many ways they open up the “individuality” door for people to do as they please.

If you stay neutral with your colour choice, it allows you more freedom to experiment with every other piece you chose for your ensemble. However, should you pick a bold red or yellow brogue as your starting piece, it now means you need to consider how you can tie in this colour – and anchor it – using the other pieces we will add after. We have chosen both as we have already done the hard work for you on this particular look should you decide you want the bolder colours. Below we have Supra shoes, All Stars and Android Homme.



Next We Have The Jeans/Shorts

With the Jeans / shorts the choice will again depend on the occasion. We are all aware of just how popular skinny jeans have become so we had to include a pair here, they are best suited to a nice midtop pair of sneakers – see our guide on How To Wear Skinny Jeans For Men. Regualar fit jeans will suit all three types of shoes depending on the look you are after.

Try thinking about what type of shoe you have chosen to wear – the style/colour/situation it would usually be worn in, and then do the same again for your trousers or shorts. Remember we have selected in these in the specific order you see them so essentially you have three looks here from head to toe!





Next We Have The Tees/Shirts

This is the point where you can start to add your own personal touch to your outfit. Printed tees and patterned shirts, can personalise your look although sometimes it can get a bit boring. In this case try some casual short sleeve shirts or different shape tees (NOT LOW V NECKS!!)

In most countries this would be the final step to a summer look but seeing as we are not always blessed with the perfect weather we will recommend some light jackets and cardigans for you guys as well but for now check out these.



Next We Have The Light Jacket / Cardigan

Hopefully you will be able to avoid this step but should the sun not show its face it is always handy to have a matching jacket at hand. We are not MASSIVE fans of the cardigan look although we do agree that in some situations they can add to an overall look.

However sometimes all you need is a simple light and fitted zippy or pullover top to keep the evening chill at bay and still look like you are dressed for the summer.



Finally We Have The Accessories

The all important accessories, ensure you don’t over-do it here as it is so easy to cover yourself from head to toe in bits ‘n’ pieces you will end up looking and sounding like a walking Xmas tree.

Pick one cool item for one wrist or per wrist and one for the neck, there a number of sick watch brands in the market today with a wide range of cool watches. Check out our recent Watch Guide 2011 where we display the top ten brands today including Flud and Ice watches. See our watch choices below!



So there you go, THREE different looks decided for you by us. We could keep going with sunglasses etc etc but sometimes less is more when it comes to a cool summer casual look.

Let us know what you think and share share share if you think your friends will like the items in this post.

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