Timberland Earthkeeper Britton Hill Boots

by Fashion Dude on November 23, 2014

Not a fan of rain boots?  Neither am I for the most part although I have seen a few pairs I would wear but by and large rain boots are something that doesn’t even enter my mind (albeit I don’t live somewhere that gets a ridiculous amount of rain either) as something to keep in my closet.

Good, now that we have that settled (and hopefully mostly in agreement) how about a stylish options for boots that will keep your feet dry but don’t make you look you are preparing to be knee deep in it either.  Solution – Timberland Earthkeeper Britton Hill waterproof wing tip lace-up boots that have a rugged yet refined look.  They are versatile in that they will go with nearly (I said nearly not all mind you) all of your duds for winter this year.  The dark brown color works well with jeans and even semi-dressier pants.  Also available in black and burgundy for 2 additional style/color options & keep your toesies dry.

 Now let’s talk about jackets to sport with these puppies.  Here are a few recommendations straight from the fashion dude:



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