Vans Sunglasses – Getting Ready For Summer 2011

by Fashion Dude on March 18, 2011

Vans Sunglasses

Vans Sunglasses

Inspired by the current weather in Dublin Ireland we have decided to get you prepared for the summer with these sick Vans sunglasses. While VANS is synonymous with footwear, the So-Cal label is branching out into other segment, including eyewear.  The VANS  Spicoli 4 Shades is a classic full-frame design with a range of colors from matte black, translucent purple, to clear frames. The latter two are accented by check pattern in black with VANS’ checker plate pattern graced the temple area. Wire frame Wingman Aviators is a reinterpretation of the fighter pilot favorites, but now with a twist in colors black/neon yellow and metallic blue. Finally, red with silver contour details, the Sport Shades is a retro inspired design that reflects the sporting roots of VANS

Vans Sunglasses aviators

Vans Wingman Aviators Blue

Vans Wingman Aviators Yellow

Vans Wingman Aviators Yello

vans sunglasses

Vans Sport Shades

vans sunglasses

Vans Spicoli Shades


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