What Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans

by Fashion Dude on March 30, 2011

Skinny jeans have become a very topical piece of fashion with endless amounts of people having similar dilemmas with them. Last week we were simply asked “How should you wear skinny jeans??” so we created this guide “How to wear skinny jeans for men“. For those of you who simply HATE skinny jeans (they do seem to have a marmite effect) take a look at the guide and at the shoes below to imagine the look – you will be surprised at just how sick the look can be!!

This week we were asked “What shoes should be worn with skinny jeans?”  Another fair question, if the shoe is to big you will could like you have clown feet , if the shoe is too small you will simply look like a prat!! So lets take a look at the type of shoes you should go after with a pair of skinnys. We will be choosing all mid-top models:

HeyDey Shift Core

The Shift features a mix of patent leather with a ballistic mesh on the quarter panel and tongue. The iconic Heyday Shift earned it’s name from the eyestay, which shifts off course towards the rear of the shoe giving the Shift it’s unique profile. Tuck your skinny denim in behind the tall tongue to let the laces play a greater role in the design.

HeyDey Shoes Shift Core in Black

HeyDey Shoes Shift Core in Black


Radii Timeless Deluxe

Radii shoes continues to drop futuristic designs with the Radii Timeless Deluxe. Available in several colorways and patterns, this unique design looks like a mash up of styles. They sport a high top cut, a combination of materials on the upper, and a large strap that goes across the mid foot. The shape, style and wide range of colours mean you can match these bad boys up with any pair of skinnys that take your fancy!!


Radii Shoes - Timeless Deluxe

Radii Shoes - Timeless Deluxe


Supra Bandits

From Supra shoes we present the pro model for Tom Penny which has grown in popularity over the last year. The shoes feature a skate functional “boot-inspired” midtop design with a new lightweight cupsole and SupraFoam® midsole, providing entire foot impact resistance, optimal shoe flex and board feel. In addition to all that it has the right look and feel to match up with a pair of skinny jeans.

Supra Bandits Blue Suede

Supra Bandits Blue Suede

Have you any fashion related questions you would like to see us create a post on?? Please let us know and the team will get right on it. Leave a comment below or ask us via our quickly growing Facebook community.



  • choib01

    next time when you post what to wear or how to wear them can you post a picture of them in action?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Thanks for the feedback…

    We will (where we can) put the look together with come pics and vids…You can check out our Youtube channel for an idea of how a number of different shoes look with skinny jeans and regualr jeans…

  • Peterjmas

    i really like the radii timeless deluxe in that colorway, yet i wear a 11 and they have left on their site is a 11.5 do they refresh thier stock frequently or is it a one time thing

    Why no Tk Societys on this list =[]

  • Anonymous

     Where have you been looking for them, maybe we can suggest a couple of other sites for you.. The TK deserve to be on any list but we were keeping these in the midtop group…

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