What would you wear on a night out to a casino?

by Fashion Dude on September 27, 2013

Before we suggest what you should wear for a night at the casino we will give you some thoughts on what you should avoid.

Unless you are James Bond or you are sufficiently deluded to think that you might be, then don’t wear a tux.  You’d be better off donning your tux at home whilst playing at an online casino like JackpotCity, nobody wears a tuxedo to a casino unless it is a group of guys at a stag party in Las Vegas (yes, we’ve been there and got away with it) or if you are visiting a casino on the way back from a black tie wedding reception, but otherwise don’t be a dork.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, don’t try to get away with short trousers and sandals again that is unless you are in Las Vegas where anything goes.  The chances are that you won’t get through the door.  And if you do, everybody will simply ignore you.

Most casinos in London, other major UK cities, and throughout Europe insist on a smart casual dress code.  The problem is interpreting what that means as it means many different things to different people.

mens casino attire

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Ideally you want to look as though visiting casinos is something you do all the time.  You want to look and feel cool and relaxed.  You don’t want to stand out too much, but you might want to be noticed by any hot chicks (or hot males depending on your affiliation) who happen to be there looking for complimentary hot studs.

The look to aim for that ticks all of these boxes is cool debonair.  In other words suave, stylish, confident and charming – it’s all about the attitude!  A smart pair of modern brogues worn with socks (not wearing socks is so last year), a smart pair of slacks or jeans, a great shirt with an open neck, tie or, if you can carry it off, a cravat.  And a smart expensive looking designer jacket or blazer as long as it isn’t leather.  Check out the image – perfection.


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