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itsNOTFORgirls is an Urban Mens Fashion magazine with a growing fan base. We cover all the latest trends, releases and new brands in male fashion. Basically, we get the latest male fashion news first. Recently we are getting more and more requests to cover new brands, events or latest releases. For this reason we are looking for new writers to add to our team. If you are interested in mens fashion (in particular urban fashion), we would love to hear from you.

Why Write for itsNOTFORgirls ?

* Your work will be be published and viewed on a growing magazine on mens fashion
* You will have the opportunity to be noticed by other media professionals in the industry
* You will be provided with a list of posts to write, which include exclusives on new fashion brands or product releases
* You will be able to build your own personal brand. We allow you to provide a bio and photo that will be attached to each blog post
* You will have the chance to get your hands on free products that we receive to review on our fast growing Youtube channel

What are the requirements for itsNOTFORgirls Writers?

Your content must be original and on topic. We provide suggested posts on a weekly basis, but are open to your own suggestions. We allow you to add one or two links to your own properties if applicable to the post (e.g you are promoting your own brand or product). You can provide the post in word format or we can train you how to add them to WordPress.

All our posts are shared with our growing Facebook and Youtube community for extra exposure.

To Get Started

Simply shoot us an email at editors at itsnotforgirls.com